User Agents

These settings are needed to address a number of possible incompatibility issues with different user agents. Some user agents (browsers) may not understand compressed content for certain file or content types correctly, even though indicating they are capable of reading it. For every such case there is a pre-defined user-agent entry in Helicon Jet configuration with a pattern matching possible User-Agent HTTP header values. Patterns matching user agents may be of regular expression format (@regex) or ordinary wildcards (* & ?).

After adding a new list item or selecting the existing, you will be able to open “File types” settings for this specific user agent. These settings are just similar to those file types settings used on a global web site level with the only difference that these will be applied to specific user agents only. It is useful to disable compression (or only caching) for certain file types and for certain user agents.

Please note that by default Helicon Jet is already configured to address most incompatibility issues with user agents, so you don’t need to edit these settings unless you experience some specific problems with user agents configuration.