File types

This page is used to configure compression settings for specific file extensions or MIME types. Helicon Jet will compress server responses only if either file extension or response Content-type are found in this list and compression is enabled for this type of content. You can find a number of pre-defined settings in this list which allow Helicon Jet to start compression immediately after enambling application and suppose to address possible compression requirements and compatibility issues.

Pre-defined entries cannot be deleted from a list, but you can redefine compression settings for these response types.

Helicon Jet will check this list for file extension and MIME type match on every server response and will use match with a minimal value. So mostly this list is useful for disabling compression or only caching certain file types, or possibly lowering compression level for these types.

For example if compression level for text/html MIME type is set to 10 by default, you may decrease compression level for .shtm files by adding this file extension to the list and setting a lower compression level, like 7. Then since both settings (text/html and .shtm) will apply to the .shtm files Helicon Jet will use the minimal value, i.e. 7.

Lists are inspected from top to bottom and processing is finished after the first match. This means that more specific list items should be placed at the top of the list otherwise they won't be processed because more general rule will be applied first.