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Helicon Zoo

Repository of web frameworks and applications for IIS.

Helicon Zoo is an easy way to run web technologies and applications with Microsoft IIS web server. For a convenience it comes as application repository, from which you can install web engines, applications and complete technology stacks at a time. All these different web applications and technologies can be mixed together on the same server and even same web site.

Helicon Ape

Provides support for Apache .htaccess configuration for IIS.

Features: Apache compatible URL rewriting with maps and database support, user authentication and file access control with .htpasswd file or database, on-fly content editing, advanced server and client side caching and HTTP compression, forward and reverse proxy with cache, hotlink protection and SEO modules plus many other low level web server control features.

ISAPI_Rewrite 3

Apache mod_rewrite compatible URL rewriter for IIS.

mod_rewrite compatible URL rewriter for Microsoft IIS . It is used for search engine optimization, proxying another server's content, stopping hotlinking and strengthening server security. It supports distributed .htaccess configuration files, enhanced regular expressions and nearly all mod_rewrite features.


Easy solution to optimize dynamic sites for search engines.

It transforms all dynamic links on your site removing all unwanted characters and making links look like static.No need to change anything in the existing web applications, simply apply LinkFreeze and your entire site becomes search engines friendly. Even more, all old backward links will still be valid.


Protects your site that steal traffic by directly linking to your content.

HotlinkBlocker protects your web site against leech sites that steal traffic by directly linking to your content. Image collections, video or document archives, Flash games and music – any content can be protected by HotlinkBlocker easily and flawlessly.

Helicon Jet

Solution to save web traffic and improve IIS server performance.

Helicon Jet is all-in-one solution to save web traffic and improve IIS server performance. It offers a set of features that together form a unique product to boost your web site performance to the skies. Three major functions Helicon Jet is based on are: HTTP compression, server-side caching and client-side caching.