Common settings

Please note that Helicon Jet comes pre-configured and you don’t need to change any configuration settings to start working in normal situation. The following settings are only needed if you like to tweak Helicon Jet functions to better suit your system requirements.

Cache directory:

By default Helicon Jet stores its cache and other temporary files in the directory with the same name as the active configuration ini file name. This means that in case of default installation cache for every web site will be stored in a separate folder under Helicon Jet installation folder. But you may specify custom absolute or relative directory path here. Relative path is determined from the path where the Helicon Jet configuration file is loaded, which means a folder with the ISAPI .dll file itself. This is useful for custom ISAPI filter installations only and IIS restart is required to change this option.

Minimum size to compress:

Applies compression to files bigger than a specified size in bytes.
0 value means unlimited.

Maximum size to compress:

Applies compression to files less than a specified size in kilobytes.
0 value means unlimited.

Maximum file cache size:

Limits the size of cache directory. If cache directory size comes close to this value, garbage collector algorithm will start to clear cache by removing rarely used data, ensuring that most loaded pages are always cached.

Allow compression through proxy:

Compression through proxy is disabled by default to solve some compatibility issues with proxy servers.

Append query string to cache file names:

This will include query string parameters to unique identifying files in the cache. Enabling this parameter may allow you to cache dynamic pages of your site if query string parameters are a key for the content of the page. Please read Dynamic and static content chapter.