Pre-defined settings

Helicon Jet comes pre-configured for the most system configurations so you may start using compression immediately after enabling it. When you click on Enable button the '/' entry will be automatically added to the Directory (URL) pattern list, which will enable compression on entire web site. By default compression is enabled for both static and dynamic content, but server side caching is enabled only for static content and compression level for dynamic content is lower. Please read Dynamic and Static content chapter for more explanation why this setting is required for default operation.

Pre-defined settings for File types configuration enables maximum compression for text responses and moderate compression level for other compressible media responses. Compression for highly packed media formats, like JPG, MP3, WMV is strictly disabled, but you can still override these settings on a user level.

There are also several pre-defined records in User-Agents section, disabling compression for certain response types sent to browsers. This is done to address browser incompatibility issues.