Directory (URL) pattern

Compression settings with Helicon Jet can be adjusted on a web site level, directory level or individual file level. It uses very powerful mechanism based on the wildcards or regular expressions, so you can even specify a set of files or file types to group compression settings.

The main concept is very simple. If you need to enable compression for entire site just enter slash "/" in the Directory pattern and adjust settings for it. In this case slash means a root folder of your web site. If you need to set compression for individual folder, just type this folder name in the Directory pattern field starting with the slash as follows: /folder. You can specify full file name here to apply settings to individual file. But the most powerful thing is that you can use wildcard characters ? and * and even regular expressions (with a @regex syntax) in this pattern.

Here are a few examples of more comprehensive regular expression directory patterns:

/example - this will match an /example folder under the web site root and every file and folder within.
/*.jpg - this will match every .jpg file on the web site.
- this will match every .asp file on the web site.
@/(?!images|css|script).* - this one will match all site content except /images, /css and /script folders.

Patterns are processed from top to bottom so the order is important. You should always place more general pattern at the bottom. For example “/” pattern should always be a last record in the list, because it will match all requests to the web site not matched by other patterns.