Text configuration file format

LinkFreeze uses text format configuration files to store its settings. You may edit these files manually, this is especially useful if you are using manual install of HotlinkBlocker.

Configuration file should have the same filename as a DLL file but with a .ini file extension ( by default it is LinkFreeze.ini ) and should be placed in the same directory among with the DLL file. There is an example file in the LinkFreeze installation package. The following is a list of configuration directives with short explanation:

RegistrationName =
RegistrationCode =

Put your registration name and code in these directives to unlock trial limitations.

NotifyOrder =

Optional ISAPI filter notification order. Possible values MEDIUM, HIGH, LOW. IIS restart is required to change this parameter.

LogRewrite =

Optional "Log modified URLs" option. Possible values True or False. Default value is False.


To apply transformation to your site add few transformation records of the following format:

DirectoryPattern     ?&=     .ext     LinkFilter     [FLAGS]


Required directory pattern field. See Directory pattern (transformation scope) chapter for explanation.


Required substitution characters set accordingly for '?', '&' and '=' symbols. See Substitution characters chapter for explanation.


Optional file extension to replace with .htm/.html. See Replace file extension chapter for explanation.


Optional HTML link filter pattern field. See HTML link filter chapter for explanation.


A flags list separated by comma in short or long format or mixed, i.e. [MoveExt,A] Possible flags:

MoveExt or M - Move file extension to the end of URL;

AbsLinks or A - Transform Absolute links (see Transform absolute links chapter for explanation);

NoRequests or NR - Don't decode incoming requests;

NoLinks or NL - Don't transform links on pages;

Redirect or R - Redirect old style requests to the static form;

Lowercase or L - Lower case all links before transformation.