Advanced settings

If you click on Advanced button Advanced settings dialog will be opened. Here is explanation of the options available there:

Decode incoming requests

By default when you enable LinkFreeze for some transformation scope it will decode all requests made to this site area and extract parameters from static URL format. By unchecking this option you may prevent LinkFreeze from decoding incoming URLs within this site area. This may be useful if you want only encode links on the pages for example if pages only contain parametrized links to some other site areas and you want to disable request decoding to avoid some conflicts.

Redirect old style requests

If you enable this option LinkFreeze will issue a 301 permanent redirect for every parametrized GET requests made to this site area into new static looking format. This may help you to avoid possible duplicate content problem when same page is available on your site through the old parametrized and new static format.

Transform links on pages

By default LinkFreeze will transform HTML links on the pages according to the substitution characters you have entered. By unchecking this option you may prevent LinkFreeze from changing links on the pages.

Transform absolute links

By default LinkFreeze will not modify links with absolute format, i.e. links that start from http://www.domain... This is done to avoid corruption of links to external sites. You may also use this feature to prevent LinkFreeze from modifying some certein links - simply write these links in absolute format and LinkFreeze will not touch it. You may disable this option by checking Transform absolute links box.

Lower case

This option is useful if you want to avoid possible duplicate content problem if dynamic links on your site may differ by only character case. With this option LinkFreeze will lower case all links before transformation. Note that only links that require transformation will be changed to lower case.

HTML link filter

This is the pattern used to specify what exact links in HTML source will be transformed by LinkFreeze. Only links that match this filter will be transformed. You can use simple pattern with wildcards or use @regex syntax to set regular expression pattern.