Substitution characters

You may set any substitution character for '?', '&' and '=' characters separately. LinkFreeze will then replace these characters in the links on your pages within a transformation scope. You are responsible on what characters to use. LinkFreeze does not verify or somehow validate these settings. For example if you set '#' as any of the substitution character it will break all transformed links because '#' is a reserver character in HTML link format. We suggest you to choose from the following set of substitution characters:


LinkFreeze is capable to distinguish real static file request to your web site form a rewritten request to the parameterized link so you don’t have to worry about possible conflicts between real files and “frozen” links. But some issues may still happen.

If you set up slash (directory separator) as any of the substitution characters you also need to be awared about some additional issues. First issue is that using this substitution character will change actual document base directory and thus all document relative ( href="somepage.htm" ) links on this page will stop working. The same will happen with images and other linked files that use document relative links. Solution is to change document relative links into root relative format ( href="/dir/somepage.htm" ) or use <BASE> HTML tag to explicitly specify document base. The second issue is that you cannot move file extension to the end of URL if you use slash as any of the substitution character.