Quick start

The following is a step by step guide to start using LinkFreeze.

  1. Install LinkFreeze. Please read installation instructions to complete this step.
  2. Run “Internet Information Services” console from the “Administrative Tools” menu.
  3. From the list of web sites select a site you wish to optimize with LinkFreeze. Right click this site node and hit “Properties”.
  4. In the site properties select LinkFreeze tab. If you can’t find LinkFreeze tab please read Installing Snap-in extension chapter.
  5. On the LinkFreeze tab click Enable button.
  6. In the Directory list select Add new and type in a folder name you wish to apply transformation. Leave '/' if you want to apply transformation to entire web site.
  7. Type a substitution characters to replace '?', '&' and '='. Tilda character '~' is known to be most safe from conflicts.
  8. If you want to hide some file extension behind .htm then enter this extension in the box.
  9. You can leave all parameters default and just click Apply button.
  10. Click Apply or OK. Please note no changes on the dialog will take effect until you hit Apply or OK.

Note: You are solely responsible for what you are entering as a substitution characters and how you configure other LinkFreeze settings. LinkFreeze does not include any kind of protection against improper configuration. Incorrect usage of substitution characters and directory scope may cause conflicts with a real files on your site or even break links. Disable LinkFreeze if you have conflicts with your site structure and things come back to normal.