Railo 4 engine can be used either as a dedicated process per each web site running Railo, or as a global service running on Tomcat. Helicon Zoo provides tools to run both installations side by side. Running Railo as a separate process for each web site increases security because every site can be configured to run dedicated Application pool and user. Also this solution increases memory usage because every web site will have it's own Java process and wn Railo engine, which is rather memory demanding app. Running Railo as a global service for all web sites with Tomcat is more common practice.


To install Railo application into IIS that will executed by global Tomcat service just open Web Platform Installer, go to Zoo > Templates and install "Railo 4 Tomcat project"

To run Railo application as a dedicated Java process please use "Railo 4 project" template instead:

Output of example Railo application:


To deploy Railo application on another server you will need to install CFML Hosting Package on a target server. Then just copy IIS web site from one machine to another.