Manual installation

To install ISAPI_Rewrite manually you will need to download distinct installation package (ISAPI_Rewrite3_00xx_manual.exe) containing all required files. You can install all features or only a part of them.

Manual installation package includes the following files:

  • ISAPI_Rewrite.dll - this is the ISAPI filter itself
  • ISAPI_RewriteProxy.dll - this is ISAPI extension module required for proxy operations
  • license.rtf - product EULA
  • ISAPI_Rewrite.chm - documentation file
  • httpd.conf - sample global configuration file

Note! Lite version of ISAPI_Rewrite does not support manual installation.

To install ISAPI_Rewrite first you need to register ISAPI_Rewrite.dll as ISAPI filter in your IIS system. By default ISAPI_Rewrite.dll was designed to work as a global ISAPI filter.

While it is still possible to install it on a particular web site, you need to remember that only one instance of ISAPI_Rewrite.dll can be loaded at a time to one IIS worker process. This means that if you decide to install ISAPI_Rewrite ISAPI filter separately on each site, you'll need to turn on high isolation mode for these sites to spawn separate worker processes for each of them. This is only required if you install ISAPI_Rewrite.dll on each web site separately and we usually recommend to install it globally on entire IIS.

To register ISAPI filter on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 use IIS MMC snap-in to add ISAPI_Rewrite.dll to ISAPI filters list either for the whole IIS server or for specific web sites only. On Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 you'll need to install the following optional IIS component first: World Wide Web Services\Application Development Features\ISAPI Filters.

If you need proxy functions, you will need to register ISAPI_RewriteProxy.dll as ISAPI extension to serve *.rwhlp file extensions. On different IIS versions it requires slightly different actions. Please refer to the documentation of your IIS version for explanation of how to register new ISAPI extension and map it to file extension in IIS system. On Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 first install optional IIS component World Wide Web Services\Application Development Features\ISAPI Extensions. Use short (8.3-style) path name for ISAPI_RewriteProxy.dll module path or IIS will fail to load the module if there is a space character in the path.

Put httpd.conf file near ISAPI_Rewrite.dll file and put the necessary rules into it.

To register ISAPI_Rewrite product add the following lines the httpd.conf file:

RegistrationName=Your registration name

Check file system permissions as described in Permissions required to run ISAPI_Rewrite section.