AllowOverride directive

Description: Explicitly sets the base URL for per-directory rewrites.
Syntax: AllowOverride All|None|directive-type [directive-type] ...
Default: AllowOverride All
Context: server config, virtual host, directory


This directive decalres which directives in distributed .htaccess files can override directives from the parent levels (httpd.conf). In context of ISAPI_Rewrite this directive in fact enables or disables .htaccess files for specific virtual host (web site) or directory. Only three values are currently supported: All, None and FileInfo.

All and FileInfo enables .htaccess file and all ISAPI_Rewrite directives in it. None disables all .htaccess files and directives. This directive is inheritable. This means if you specify AllowOverride none for some directory or virtual host .htaccess files will also be disabled for all subdirectories.